The Washington Redskins: pt 2

On to the real business:

WHO FUCKING CARES!? It's football. Football is stupid. Disagree? You're wrong. And don't get me started on soccer.

If these sports were so fucking great, why does everyone drink so much when they watch them? Sporting events are just excuses for people to get drunk and care about one more thing that doesn't matter, while fueling big business, exposing themselves to advertisements that convince them they should buy other shit that doesn't matter, all so the people that they are watching play this game that doesn't matter can make millions of dollars. Idiots. All of you.

Do you idiots really need another fucking thing to argue and fight about?  People literally die because people care so much about this stupid shit (yes, literally). Idiots. All of you. 


Who are we offending here? How many "American Indians" have you seen in your life?

 Also, who's going around using racial slurs against these people? ...probably someone who watches football.

But honestly, I thought this was America.

We took this land so we could have freedom to name our shit whatever we want... and in this particular case, Andrew Jackson would be rolling in his fucking grave... too soon? 

But, again, words change. If you polled 8-15 year olds across the country on what Redskins are, I'd bet my dislike of football that they would say they're a football team.


tl;dr up: the solutions and the problems with each solution (pt 3)