The Washington Redskins: pt 1

A sports team changed their name. This is #trending. I don't care about your football, but here is what I think.

Words change. I mean, hell, look at the offended party! We call these people American Indians. INDIANS! 

Quick Recap:

  • "Let's sail to India."
  • "We're here!" (not really there)
  • "Look at these fucking Indians." (not indians)
  • "Help! We can't survive here!"
  • "Gee thanks! Well, it's getting late, you all better get going. We live here now...What was that? Oh, well these are guns. GTFO and don't forget all this small pox!"
okay, quite a bit later.

okay, quite a bit later.

  • "Hey! You guys never came back over? What're you too good for us? Whatever..but whoa, look at this! We love what you've done with the place! ....You know the drill. Pack your shit."


[done summarizing... we fucked them, we fucked a beautiful people... and we stole lacrosse...

This is kind of poetic, because now lacrosse can be used to identify people who are as shitty as the people who started this whole mess. Ugh. "Lacrosse",  more like "Lastupid".]

I digress.. But we did horrible things over and over again to these people, and to top it off we just kept calling them Indians. What else would we call them? Native Americans. That's PC right? Also it's bad ass because they could put NA under ethnicity when filling out paperwork

Or we could just call them Savages. Right, Disney? 


tl;dr.   PT. 2


quick reminder: none of this matters.