funny e-mail addresses

Nothing stresses me out more than having to create a screen name or e-mail address. There's a lot of pressure and in some cases you'll be stuck with that username forever ( @spotify). So I thought i'd jot off some suggestions to help you come up with something with staying power. 

E-mail Addresses:

"At" : Wouldn't it be nice to have your e-mail address be your first name Well, you can't. But the next best thing might be "(YOURNAME)at" Pretty slick, but if you're speaking your e-mail to someone who you'd actually like to receive e-mails from, you might want to read it "(your name) a-t", because they might assume you just have a stutter. HOWEVER if you know they're just going to spam you, let 'em spam the person who has your I mean, fuck 'em! They took the e-mail address that should've been yours!

"At" embracing the stutter: This is an alternative use of the previous approach. If you do have a stutter and want to embrace it with humor, try throwing a bunch of at's after your name. And if you want to get fancy with it, add in some ah's too..  DOWNSIDE: if you stutter when giving your e-mail address, or when delivering this, there will be chaos. 

to be continued... ( i got work to do. what do you think i do, write blogposts at work all day?)

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